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By Rae Indigo


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All products made fresh and shipped weekly. Designed to create glowing skin so you can ditch the make-up.

Experience radiant natural skin in just a few days.

Formula 1

The Original Formula - Shrinks pores and creates a natural, youthful glow. Light and skin lifting.

Formula 2

Perfect for skin needing extra nourishment and hydration. Nectar for skin that is dull, tired, or dry.

Formula 3

My most plumping botanical serum, dissolve wrinkles, dull, and dry skin to have radiant, naturally glowing skin... Too pretty to cover up with makeup!

Formula 4

A light and balanced deeply nourishing blend. Pores will shrink, and your ageless beauty will shine through.

Subscription - Just One

Choose from Formula's 1-5 and receive monthly on auto ship, making sure you never have run out of your liquid gold botanical serum. I hand-make the batches weekly and your subscriptions will always arrive freshly prepared.

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Subscription - Complete Package

My personal skin care daily regimen, Vitamin C + Aloe Vera brightening spray, then moisturizing serum, then finish with finishing serum, locking in hydration and deeply nourishing your skin on all levels.

Monthly Shipment includes:

– Aloe/Vitamin C Toner

– Formula Flawless Moisturizing Serum 1-5

– Finishing Serum

All orders are made fresh and shipped weekly. Delivery times may therefore vary.

Rae Indigo, founder

World Yoga Institute

I want all women to feel radiant and confident in their natural, make-up free skin.

My commitment to you: use the freshest, pure ingredients and create botanical serums that deliver the results you always wanted.

*All our products come with 30 day money back guarantee.

Experience radiant natural skin in just a few days!

Do you want to:

– Look incredibly youthful

– Have skin that naturally glows

– Ditch the messy foundations and cover-ups

Some look amazing without wearing any makeup, while others spend a lifetime trying to cover up wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tones, blotches, rosacea, rashes, and dullness.

Never need to rush out of bed in the morning and cover your skin.

The more we hide from our natural skin, the more we tend to make it worse, saturating it with foundation and powders that block every pore, denying skin the ability to breathe.

Bad skin made me want to hide, and it ruined my confidence.

I felt like fraction of what I could be. It had to stop, and to heal my acne I created the first formula when I was in my early 20s.

Ancient natural ingredients have such massive positive impact on our skin, our lives can literally be turned around in just a few days.

This is exactly what happened to me. I was crippled by severe adult cystic acne. I felt gross putting foundation on, and awful if I didn’t.

I decided to resolve this issue once and for all. A big believer in natural ingredients, I spent months trying every possible combination of ingredients from around the world. Including ingredients listed in ancient skin remedies.

Eventually, I found a formula that worked for me, and my acne was cured. While I enjoyed a wonderful decade of great looking, clear skin, my journey with skin problems was nowhere near over.

Over the next decade my heavy tour schedule started catching up on me. My skin began looking tired, and dull, and suddenly wrinkles appeared.

So I went back and created a new formula, which hydrated deeply, and nourished tired skin.

Over the last few months, I started helping my friends who kept asking what I do for my skin. I then created 4 new formulas for individual skin needs.

To experience these amazing results in your life, check out our full product range and monthly subscriptions.

Want to try if for yourself?

It's time to live a make-up free life, radiant, natural pure hydration in these handmade botanical serums....

  • Sample Formulas and see what is possible!

  • Want to try the different formulas and see which one is your favorite? Order my sample pack and begin nourishing your skin today.

  • Know what you need?

  • Already have a good idea of your skin needs? Order your favorite formulas or my combination of Vitamin C toner, moisturizing serum F 1-5 and finishing serum. Check out our subscriptions for monthly savings and guaranteed hassle-free monthly delivery.

  • No Hidden Additives

  • Each Formula is made with the care I use for my own skin, so there are no emulsifiers, preservatives, or other additives, just pure, natural ingredients made fresh every week.

  • Freshly Made

  • Thats right! Unlike most skin care, which is made to last on shelves for a long time, my Formulas are made fresh so they are in perfect condition for feeding your skin, not stale and full of preservatives. Skin care you could eat! (not recommended but possible).

  • Deeply Nourishing Skin Food

  • No filler or cheap oils, Only cold pressed, food grade oils and flower essences blended meticulously and created artfully by a yogi. There is nothing like this quality, integrity and care available in the world today.

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