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Men's High Performance Face Repair Pack

Hydrates. Firms. Protects.  

Delivers visible results straight away! 

Deeply Nourishing, Hydrating, High Performance Men's Skin Rejuvenation Pack from Formula Flawless 

...Lifts and Visibly Firms Skin!

Global Sales in Skincare products for men are soon to equal that of women and over the last decade the market has seen a huge influx in male skincare products as demand surges.

Industry experts suggest that a combination of processed foods, lifestyle, air pollution and larger amounts of time in front of screens set men looking for ways to improve their skin and look more healthy in the process.

With Formula Flawless, the future of Men’s skincare focuses on the best combinations of small and large molecule ingredients, fresh 100% natural formulations and powerful antioxidants to make rugged skin youthful, while maintaining long term support structure of the skin.

Men’s skin is 10 - 20% thicker than women’s (though some skincare experts claim it can be up to 25 percent) because it contains more collagen and elastin.

Men also have more pores, and their sebaceous glands are more active, producing more oil than women.

Our Men’s Skin Products:-

Are easy to use and hassle free
Disappear into the skin without any residue
Are formulated for men’s skin
Contain no strong scents, no additives
Use only the purest quality ingredients.

The Men's High Performance Face Repair pack is a unique system that works at a molecular level, delivering vitality to old cells, hydrating chronically depleted skin and stimulating a healthy, strong complexion.

This protocol hydrates the structure of your skin.
Pigmentation and age spots fade visibly and wrinkles significantly reduce, while the underlying structure of the skin's ability to lift itself, regenerates.

The Men's High Performance Face Repair Pack Contains- 

F9 Skin Glow  

Formula 9 - Skin Glow

This trio of powerhouse ingredients, gives your skin a mega-dose of Vitamin C, E & Ferulic Acid and is used to prepare your skin to receive our powerful F3 collagen boosting serum. Recommended for all skin types, and providing 24/7 antioxidant protection against environmental pollutants.

Bottle size: 3 x 10ml

F16 High Performance Face Serum For Men  

Formula 16 - High-performance Face Serum for Men

This fast-absorbing face serum designed for men, valiantly tightens pores and hydrates, helping resolve stubborn eye bags. Infused with invigorating antioxidants, and antibacterial botanicals, this serum is formulated to help with ingrown hairs, razor burn, and creates radiant and healthy looking skin.

Bottle size: 1oz

F10 Finishing Serum 

Formula 10 - Finishing Serum 

Perfect for all skin types, this silky serum protects your skin from UV damage, while sealing in hydration and sealing out environmental pollutants

Bottle size: 1oz

F22 - Eye Plumping and Lifting Cream

Formula 22 - Eye Plumping and Lifting Cream

This gravity-defying high-performance eye cream rejuvenates under eye area, and lifts sagging skin, and delivers powerful nourishment to encourage more lift. Re-establishing the skin’s natural matrix of support using super botanicals, enjoy daily lifting of the delicate under eye skin, while hydrating and plumping so you can go confidently make-up free!

Jar size: 1oz

Available now for $440

Please Note: Subject to Availability, Products are Made in Fresh, Small Batches and there is currently a 2-week waiting time.

Recommended Protocol

Step 1 - Prepare
Prepare your skin for hydration and boost your skin’s natural defense system with our 'Skin Glow' high-performance Vit-C spray.
Formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin E & naturally occurring Ferulic Acid this powerhouse trio evens out the skin’s appearance, hydrates and provides 24/7 antioxidant protection.

On freshly washed skin, spray in circular motion around the face and neck area and leave to dry. Apply twice daily and re-apply throughout the day as desired to refresh and energize the skin.

Step 2 - Repair
The F16 deeply hydrating serum is a fast-absorbing, dynamic face serum formulated with advanced biotechnology to tighten pores and hydrate the skin more than any other product on the market. 

Infused with invigorating antioxidants and antibacterial botanicals, this powerful serum provides nourishment and firming. It also calms irritated and inflamed skin, for a clean, healthy, vibrant look.

Add a few drops on your hands and using gentle, pressing movements, apply on your face and neck, in circular motion until the serum is absorbed.

Step 3 - Fortify
Combat dark circles under the eyes, eye bags and wrinkles with our F22 gravity-defying, high-performance eye cream.

Infused with powerful botanicals like sea buckthorn, squalene from olives and passionflower, these combine to re-establish and fortify the skin’s natural matrix of support to deliver powerful nourishment and increase cell resistance to stress.

Apply on the eye lids and under-eye area using gentle, pressing movements.

Step 4 - Protect
Our skin is in constant exposure to environmental pollutants and free radical damage from sun rays and other external threats on the skin.

Seal in hydration and seal out environmental pollutants with our F10 Finishing Serum, a lightweight botanical blend to give your skin the final touch it needs to look phenomenal.

Add a few drops on your face and neck, and gently apply in circular motion until all face and neck area is covered.

Available now for $440

Please Note: Subject to Availability, Products are Made in Fresh, Small Batches and there is currently a 2-week waiting time.

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