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Rest, Relax & Recover

Enjoy these teachings
- In Gratitude - 

Yoga for the Face 

Yoga for the Face
How to Use this Video

- Watch along and enjoy Face Yoga at least once a week.  
- Notice areas you need to work on again and repeat these areas regularly.  
 Enjoy the Results...and the Compliments!

You are welcome to share this link with others....or not...Ha Ha!! 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra - Guided Class + Introduction

´╗┐How to Use this Video- Watch along and enjoy as often as you need it. 

- Notice areas you need to work on again and repeat these areas regularly.   

 Enjoy the Results!

Support our Formula Flawless Kickstarter Campaign. 

As you know, the last year I built a skincare company based on using only fresh ingredients.

Dropping the usual additives, chemicals and preservatives has made quite a splash.

Now, I need your help, changing the face of the world!

Fresh Really Matters

But the battle against anti-ageing is stacked against us because of the way the skincare industry is designed.

I am disrupting this with a completely different approach.

WHY? because it comes down to effectiveness.

Fresh skincare should be as available as fresh food.

And though many skin products claim to be fresh and natural, their ingredients list and long shelf-life reveals otherwise.

It's time to fight against shelf life, against the big brands that promise so much and deliver only disappointment over time!

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Thank You!

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