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Glowing + Healthy Skin

In martial arts and yoga, daily practice is known to deliver results. The same principle applies to our skin. What you do daily, weekly, and monthly determines if you have glowing, healthy ageless skin, or time spent covering up with makeup?

When I was 21, a good friend of mine who was in her 40s, told me to prioritize skin care early, educate myself on the various ingredients, and take care daily. She was a godsend.

  • I just want to thank you so much for sending the extra samples and sharing your skincare products with us in general! I can't tell you how much I love them! In just a few days, my skin has found what it has been searching for its whole life!  

    I can feel the love in each bottle! I also really appreciate the different samples because I was just shooting in the dark on which formula to try.

    I can really feel the difference in each formula and even though it has only been a couple of days, I am trying to vary them depending on what my skin wants that day. I look forward to reordering soon! - Stephanie


    How do you create a confident skin care regimen?

    To begin taking care of your skin, have a look at these 3 areas of your life .  Do you have the right tools to get your glow back?

    Clean & Exfoliate

    Exfoliation can be intense, or very gentle, and what is right for your skin may change weekly.

    Try a gentle oatmeal scrub, and make sure you are using a simple vegetable glycerin soap.  

    Experiment with skin brushing(whole body) and dry scrubs you do on your skin before taking a shower.

    When was the last time you did a salt scrub on your skin and face?

    Emotional Wellbeing

    Did you notice when you are frustrated or angry, you hold tension all over your face and scalp?

    Did you know that this self-generated tension disrupts your ability to regenerate?

    This is why yoga and self -care, and emotional hygiene  are so important.

    Low-grade long term stress is also proven to be detrimental to your system, skin and hair health will also degrade in the condition of  stress.

    Skin Care Rituals

    Did you know there are certain regimines for daily, weekly and monthly skin care?

    Every day cleaning and hydrating your skin will help it overcome sun damage, air pollution, free-radicals, and cosmetic use.

    Weekly at home facials, scrubs, and masks should be done devotedly, making the time for self-care a priority.

    The better condition you are in, the more you can help others.


    Clean and Exfoliate

    Try these and see which feels best for you skins daily, weekly and monthly exfoliation.

    Oatmeal Scrub & Mask

    Oatmeal is not just a great breakfast choice, but also very healthy as a skin scrub, and it is moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

    Face & Skin Loofah

    Try several different loofahs, or skin gloves, often the skin on our body needs something a little more abrasive, while our face prefers a gentle loofah or gentle face skin scrub.

    Vegetable Glycerin Soaps

    Soaps made from vegetable glycerin are amoung the best to get deeply clean skin, without irritanting your skin with harsh chemicals.

    See Full Product Line


    Emotional Wellbeing

    The yoga of emotions cultivates emotions that increase life, wellbeing, harmony, joy, love, wonder, vigor, vitality and courage

    Emotional Exfoliation

    While we know we need exfoliate our skin, did you realize that exfoliating toxic, dead emotions from our past can support life and our future?

    One of the best ways to release past emotions, is to write freely in your journal every day.

    You will be surprised if you write 2 pages every day, you will see the source of many of your upsets. Soon, you be able to resolve a lot  by the simple and brave act of looking at what is just underneath surface stressors, thoughts and negative emotions.

    This is part of witnessing, and it is particularly effective when you write what you are feeling and thinking.  Once on the page, you will be able to simultaneously release it from your mind, and examine as needed.

    Emotional Nourishment

    To have healthy emotions is much like cultivating a garden. Good company, and choosing to engage in positive social activities is one way to nourish and take your life step by step towards a better future.

    Consciously creating  healthy  social events like making dinner for a loved one, or going for a walk with a friend will support  emotions like joy, love, wonder, contentment, hope.

    Taking time everyday to beautify your space, make art, music or dessert, arrange flowers, or otherwise create your environment in a way to direct your attention towards higher self.

    These  are just a few emotionally nourishing activities I have found very  supportive.

    Emotional Radiance

    When you have tools to handle negative emotions, you willcreate emotions like joy, courage, wonder, love.  This  radiance of the emotional body, the manifestation of the yoga of emotions also makes your skin glow with life.

    Being happy, even if for a moment, brings you closer to your natural vitality.  

    Take time to journal about negative emotions, and experiences.  By putting them on paper, you can leave them for a moment and be joyous in life, knowing that those emotions and memories are always yours, but they don't have to be actively recalled.


    Skin Care Rituals

    Good skin is created and maintained by daily, weekly and monthly actions


    My 3-step Complete Skin Care Package is made to create gorgeous skin with twice daily nourishment.

    1. Spray Skin Glow on cleanly washed skin
    2. Gently & thoroughly apply to face, under eyes and neck  moisturizing serum F1-F5.  Let soak in.
    3. After 2-10 minutes, seal in the nourishment and protect your skin with F10 silky finishing serum


    Every week take a 30 minutes to do a facial. Soon I will have weekly facial products, but for now I recommend oatmeal, bentonite clay, or something from your local market.

    Microneedling weekly can also provide a boost to your skin and encourage the generation of more collagen and improve the appearance of hyper-pigmentation.


    Spoil your skin once a month at spa near you!

    Try something new, from a hydrating water facial to a peel, depending on what your skin needs.

    Make it even better and have a friend join for this important monthly ritual.

    Check Out 3-step Complete Care Package


    Formula Flawless 3-step Complete Skin Care Package

    A simple, effective 3 step daily skin regimen created fresh with all natural, organic ingredients.

    Skin Glow Spray

    Antioxidants are an incredible way to improve skin health, vibrance and brightness. Antioxidants help correct signs of age.

    Oxidative stress breaks down collagen, hinders skin’s natural repair process and triggers inflammation—and you see these effects as fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, acne breakouts and a blotchy skin tone.

    By scavenging free radicals, antioxidants can help prevent and correct these visible signs and give skin a more youthful glow

    Skin Glow Contains these powerful antioxidants in a aloe vera base to soothe skin.  Perfect to spray on face, neck,  and hands, or any area you need extra skin glow!

    1. Vitamin C
    2. Ferulic Acid
    3. Vitamin E
    4. Aloe Vera

    Moisturizing Serum

    Choose from Formula 1-5 and deeply nourish your skin!

    Formula 1:

    Formula 2:

    Formula 3:

    Formula 4:

    Formula 5:

    Silky Finishing Spray

    Seal in hydration and protect skin with our silky finishing serum!

    Delicate, smooth, and full of flower essences, this is the perfect way to finish and maintain your glow all day.

    Naturally protects your skin from dust, and environmental toxins.

    Check Out 3-step Complete Care Package


    How we work?

    Orders are taken each week, and your formulas and spray are made tfresh and shipped to you, for a completely unrivaled skin care experience


    All ingredients are organically grown, naturally pressed or extracted


    Fresh skincare is as important as fresh food and fresh water.  Break free of preservative and create skin so lovely no need for makeup

    Made by A Yogi

    As importan as whats in it, is who made it.  Each formula is made in small batches by personally by me. 

    The ingredients are always fresh, the formulations created for optimal health not shelf life, and made using the proprietary secrets known to yogis.

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