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by Rae Indigo

The World's First 100% FRESH Skincare Brand 

Welcome to the Future of Skincare

Spoil yourself or surprise someone you love with one of our very special Collections.


Ready to light up any room? It’s your time to shine with a gorgeous, vibrant full body glow. This Big Night Out transformation package resurfaces and hydrates face, neck, décolletage, knees, legs, arms, elbows, and more. Use this full body and face treatment to feel and look your most luxurious, tap into your deepest sensuality, and become confidently admired. Your secret is safe with us.


This is your opportunity to reverse-age your skin using nature instead of surgical intervention? Gently strip away depleted layers, refresh, lift, tighten, de-wrinkle and brighten for a dewy, healthy face at any age. The Non-Surgical Face Lift is a 10-day intensive home protocol followed by 20-days of additional treatment specifically designed to look 10 years or more younger and keep improving. This unique system works at a molecular level, delivering nourishment to tired cells, hydrating chronically depleted skin and stimulating collagen production


Feel sensual and confident with an awakened desire - your perfect ritual before a romantic evening. This exciting collection is focused on touch, feelings, and pleasure. Experience intimate full body care products that make your skin feel smooth, soft, invigorated and stimulated. Before your romantic connection, refine rough, dry, or under-nourished areas, soothe your skin post hair removal, and re-awaken your female sensuality, your mind and your senses.

NEW Men's High Performance Face Repair Pack

Hydrates. Protects. Firms. Support the structure of your skin for a healthy, youthful look. Focused on the best combination of large and small molecule ingredients, using powerful anti-oxidants to improve rugged, tired skin. Men have more pores, thicker and more collagen rich skin than women, and need skincare formulated just for their needs. This package delivers superior results with noticeable effects in both the face, and around the eyes.


Rejuvenate, vitalize and brighten your complexion with nourishing, botanical cell hydration. Enjoy silky soft, lifted, toned skin on your face and body. Brighten dark spots, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation with perfect antioxidant recovery from nature. This powerhouse face and skincare package is made fresh, and packed with vitamins to brighten, tone, nourish and make your complexion light up any room. Confident, clear, vibrant skin all over the whole body is the ultimate luxury.


Tired muscles wrinkle and cause your skin to sag. Chronic dehydration leaves skin dull and tired. You deserve to feel vibrant, confident, and sensual. It is your time to slip into a healing bath soak with natural, organic, fizzy bath therapy bombs packed full of emollient healing clays, herbs, hydrating oils, antioxidants and vitamins that balance your PH while relaxing tired muscles. Microdermabrasion scrubs for the face and body exfoliate dead, tired skin cells, leaving renewed, fresh skin that soaks in the antioxidant-rich. mood improving chocolate, and the lifting, anti-cellulite, black tea body cream. This is what dreams are made of.


Kickstart your skincare with a confident, new look that will bring uplift to your life and get heads turning. This plumping, firming face care package is made fresh, and packed with healing molecules, vitamins, and hydrosols to brighten, tone, and nourish, making your complexion light up any room. Our New Look care package includes a 4-step Skincare Essentials Protocol to ditch the cover-up, and get vibrant, dewy, skin. Diminish wrinkles and dull, tired, crepey skin so you can unleash your inner radiance with a beautiful new look, naturally.


Swiftly treat acne, organically, and keep it away with this 28 day journey to clear, nourished vibrant skin. This 3 level acne-clearing protocol uses cyclical botanical acne therapy and yogic botanical herbs to remove acne-causing bacteria, while bringing down inflammation and nourishing the skin. If you have acne or acne-prone skin, this basically means your skin is inflamed. Acne begins in the skin’s oil’s glands and travels up the follicles, emptying onto the skin’s surface through the pores. Treat this at the source, and on the skin so you can ditch the cover-up and feel confident again. No one deserves to live with acne..

NEW - 3 Month Total Transformation Protocol

Reverse time, and the feeling of lost youth by targeting multiple signs of aging with this fully supported 3-month journey!

Have you ever wanted to know which products you need and how to use them exactly to get the results you wanted?

Unlocking your innate youthful vitality uses ancient yogic emotional science, combined with molecularly vibrant botanical serums, creams, microdermabrasion scrubs, healing baths, antioxidants, with guided informational videos, meditations, and one-to-one consultations and coaching.

No need for surgery or expensive procedures, let nature, science and the ancient secrets of yogis known for longevity and vitality guide you through a complete transformation. Results guaranteed.

Formula Flawless Skin Serums, Creams, Masks and Scrubs are having a huge impact on people's lives. 

"Immediately fresh and renewed - the results are amazing"

"I want to share my experience with Formula Flawless products. I have been using them for about 4 months and I think I will never stop using them… The texture of the serums is irreplaceable. I've never used something like this. My skin immediately feels fresh and renewed, with a feeling of elasticity and hydration. They also have a very pleasant smell and the results are amazing. After two months of using them, my mother-in-law asked me if I had had surgery….! I use the F3 every night on my face, neck, and hands. And the F2 and F1 during the day. I also love to hydrate at any time with the Skin Glow. I highly recommend them!."

Paola M - Florida

"Amazing skincare line...I love how my skin looks and feels"

"Despite all the products I used, which were the 'classic' ones from known brands, nothing got better - chronically dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles that were more pronounced than ever. My self esteem was on the ground. When I found Formula Flawless, the change was very noticeable and fast. My skin already had a healthier glow, and dark circles and fine lines were significantly reduced. It was love at first use! Not only do the products make me look better, but they make me feel better. I wouldn’t change them for anything."

Maya B - Peru

"Just what I needed"

"Rae's products speak for themselves as soon as you start using them. I see and feel the radiance right away, after the first application but, even better, the many compliments for looking fresher and happier confirm my subjective perception. Most importantly, I have fun applying all the luscious serums, scrubs, oils etc. This is super important for me to stick to the routine."

Fay S - Switzerland 

"Formula Flawless products have transformed my skin"

"Formula Flawless products have transformed my skin. Since I have been using them I feel a more shiny, hydrated, moisturized, bright and youthful skin.

Something that I had never felt with other products. I love that there is an intention behind each product, and Rae's personalized attention to each skin, healing from the inside out, and from the outside in. Thanks to the Flawless formula, my spots and pimples are disappearing and my skin looks radiant."

Punkie H - Peru 

"The skin feels super fresh, with more energy"

"The quality and benefits of each of the products is excellent, and I love them even more knowing that they are completely natural without any detrimental effects on the skin. The plus for me is that in addition to giving you what you want, it nourishes your skin. The skin feels super fresh, with more energy due to the nutrients it contains.

The F4 serum is my favorite because although it is oil-based and my skin is combination, it does not leave my skin greasy, rather it hydrates without leaving that layer of shine that bothers us who have oily or combination skin. 

Luna Sofia - Costa Rica

"I have not found any product that works better"

"I LOVE skincare products, and have tried a range of them from different brands, price ranges and all type of products. I have not found any product that works better / gives me a better glow than Formula Flawless.

My skin works best with formula 5, but I've tried all of the serums and they are all amazing. 10/10 - recommend!!!."

Maria G - California

Our Guarantee

Laboratoire Formula Flawless
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"Immediately fresh and renewed - the results are amazing"

Since I started using Formula Flawless serums, I feel my skin smoother and more hydrated, and the dryness has been reduced. There has been a big difference in my skin and everyone compliments me.

I love that they are 100% natural and they smell amazing. These protocols really work! Besides, there is an option for every skin type."

Viviana P - Peru

"Amazing skincare line...I love how my skin looks and feels"

"I’m a self proclaimed skin care junkie and I can confidently say that Rae’s face oils are better than anything that's available on the market. Not only do they hydrate and lift, they smell amazing!!

They also feel super light, presumably because they are not weighed down with chemicals. As I’ve said to Rae many times, my skin is as soft as a baby’s butt thanks to her! I cannot recommend this protocol highly enough."

Nicole G- Florida

"The complete line is just amazing"

"I don’t even know how to start talking about Formula Flawless , these amazing products have done wonders for my whole body. If I had to pick a favorite I just wouldn’t be able to as I love the F61 for my hair, F70 for an after shower body oil, F32 for my weekly body scrub, F34 for my face scrubbing, F41 the rose mask, and my daily skin routine Glow, F3 and F10. The complete line is just amazing !!! I can assure that the moment you start using them you feel the love and good intention that were used to create these wonderful products."

Lesley M - Florida 

Laboratoire Formula Flawless
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