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Formula Flawless Natural, Ayurvedic Skin Care 


Welcome to our affiliate family introduction page.
We care passionately about what people put on their skin.
We believe ingredients used in skin care should always be 100% Fresh, Natural and Organic.
So if you're looking to build an ethical business that really helps people then our focus is on YOUR success.

So pleased that you are here!
If you would like to become an affiliate then sign up here - we will reply by email and invite you to an on-boarding call to introduce you to this wonderful opportunity.  

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Are you interested in earning extra income selling products that make the world a better place?

Formula Flawless Artisanal Skin Care

We are recruiting affiliates who care about organic, fresh, natural skin. If you would like to help people ditch the daily makeup, and feel good in their own skin, let us know and we will set you up to begin earning today.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a way for you to support products and services you like, earning income by recommending these products to others.

No need to manufacture or deliver the product/service, instead you make a commission on each sale.

Work from the comfort of your own home

You can work from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have internet access, or travel to beautiful wifi destinations and work on your laptop.

  • Great ethical business with all natural ingredients 

  • Be part of a community of passionate professionals  

  • Work on your own time, earn with your own merit  

Lifetime Recurring Income Potential

What is great about our affiliate program, is that whenever your clients purchase through your affiliate link you will receive a commission. It’s not just the first time that they purchase, it’s every time, including monthly subscriptions for as long as they use your link

So the more customers you build up, the more monthly income you earn.

  • Grow with a business that cares about it's affiliates  

  • Enjoy some of the best payouts in the market

  • Enjoy the excitement of working with a product that's first to market - the first all natural fresh skin care brand

Omgosh ... thank you thank you!!!  I absolutely love these products.... the smell is wonderful and follows me where ever I go... love it ! Thank you



"I think F3 amazing!! Thank u so much, wrinkles seriously reduced after a couple days."

Stephen Eberle


'' Yesterday, I received my first shipment of this amazing skin care line. I am on day 2 and I love how my skin feels and looks and the product is beautifully fragranced. If you read Rae Indigo’s story, she is a lovely clear skinned woman-a testimony to her craft. Thank you so much for these amazing amazing products. I love them!!!.''



Why Promote Formula Flawless?

Formula Flawless is the first 100% Fresh, Natural Skin Care Product in the World and the results are amazing!

About our Products 

100% Fresh, Natural, Plant-Based, Organic Ingredients  

Never Tested On Animals  

Serums are Prepared Fresh Every Week  

No Additives, Colouring, Preservatives, Parabens or Emulsifiers 


  • EVERYONE WANTS TO FEEL CONFIDENT: When we feel good in our own skin, it changes how we show up in life. Help people feel better while promoting organic, artisana

  • FORMULA FLAWLESS SELLS ITSELF: Have you ever used a product that really worked? My moisturizing serums create soft, glowy skin that does not need to be covered in makeup, and you can share something that is not only good for people, but where they get real results. 

  • DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OUR PRODUCTS AND OTHER SKINCARE PRODUCTS: We have all organic, artisanal skincare serums and skin glow sprays that are made in small, carefully crafted batches. Most companies make their products in large runs, with tons of stabilizers and preservatives so it can sit on a shelf. Set yourself apart by bringing fresh skin nourishment to your clients.

  • EPIC SALES FUNNEL WITH AMAZING COMMISSIONS: You will earn 25% on all sales, and all ongoing sales. So that means whenever your customers purchase from us at any time, now or in the future , or buys a recurring subscription, you receive commission on each and every sale in perpetuity.

  • 1. Classic Manicure

    40 min • $30.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    2. Advanced Manicure

    50 min • $35.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    3. Basic Manicure

    45 min • $25.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    4. Gel Manicure

    60min • $50.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    1. Classic Pedicure

    40 min • $30.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    2. Advanced Pedicure

    50 min • $60.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    3. Classic Pedicure

    40 min • $30.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    4. Advanced Pedicure

    40 min • $30.00

    Here you can provide more information about this specific procedure you are offering to people.

    Rae Indigo, Founder Formula Flawless

    Rae Indigo is a Yogi, who founded a global yoga school and certified thousands of instructors. She founded Formula Flawless to bring fresh, organic skin care to her students, colleagues and the world.

    Our Story

    Formula Flawless started after our founder, Rae Indigo, had severe cystic acne since her early 20s, something that persisted into her 30's.. After all else failed, Rae decided to fix this issue for herself. A big believer in natural ingredients. Rae spent many months travelling the world, seeking out the best possible combination of powerful, natural ingredients. And using ancient Hatha Yoga skin care practices, she created her first acne-healing formula. As her condition improved, friends and students from around the world kept asking “what I do for my skin”, she says "so I created a skincare range to offer fresh, botanical blends that improve the condition of your skin, allowing you to enjoy a natural, make-up free life”. Rae then teamed up with Co-Founder Andrew Phillips, and the Formula Flawless Skin brand was born.

    Our Purpose

    To inspire and enable women to enjoy confidence in their own natural, beautiful skin. A confidence that radiates from within. and allows us to be free in our own spirit and to feel empowered to enjoy our lives. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this MLM?

    This is not MLM in any way, nor is it a get rich scheme. We recruit a selected number of direct affiliates only. This is much more comparable to owning your own business - you are responsible for promoting the products and you receive commissions without relying on other people to sell on your behalf. You do not have to purchase, or distribute the product. You are not required to find other people to sell our skincare, if you are invited to be an affiliate we consider you part of our fresh skincare family.

    Is there an investment required to become an affiliate?

    No, our Affiliate Marketing Program is completely free, there is no investment required and affiliates join our family based on the merits of application only. 

    What is the next step in the process to become and affiliate?

    You have arrived on this page because you are considering becoming an affiliate. The next step is only to register your name and email address, after which you arrange a call, discuss on-boarding and then you will be given your own affiliate link, which you can share with your prospective clients. This process from this point on, takes usually less than 48hrs. Once you have enrolled, you will then receive a full set of terms and conditions by email. 

    How long will I earn commission for from a customer who I find? 

    Once you've made a sale, you will earn commission on every purchase that new customer ever makes with us, provided they continue to use your affiliate link. If a customer purchases a monthly subscription using your link, you will earn commission for each and every month of that subscription for as long as the customer keeps buying. 

    How long does it take to be paid on commissions?

    Payments are made 30 Days after the sale is made + 15 days to cover any discrepancies or order returns. If a customer returns the product to us then no commission is payable on that particular sale. 

    What is the Commission Structure?

    You will earn 25% commission for each successfully completed sale. 

    What Terms and Conditions do I need to agree to?

    There are a full set of terms and conditions for our affiliate program, which are designed to be fair to all and to protect our Brand image and to regulate consistency in all our advertising and marketing. Any affiliate who breaks the terms and conditions will be asked to immediately rectify the situation. We reserve the right to withdraw affiliate status and any connected commissions with immediate effect and without recourse. 

    How can I learn more to help me suggest the right products for certain skin types?

    We will provide you, free of charge, with all the technical information and material you need to know, so that you can advise customers with confidence, on the products that are most beneficial to them. 

    Can I buy products for myself using my own affiliate link?

    No. If you want to buy products for yourself, you can only buy directly from our home page. 

    I'm in another country, how long will it take for the products to be delivered?

    We are only accepting affiliates from those Countries that we can reliably deliver to. We will discuss this with you at the time depending on which country you live in. As good practise, you are advised to let your customers know in advance of the estimated delivery times based on your own Country. 

    How can I track my sales and statistics?

    After you become an affiliate, you will be able to log in to your own portal and track your sales and commission results.

    Can I run my own adverts? 

    NO - Running your own advertisements (paid or unpaid) or advertisement-style video content/ is strictly prohibited, we do however have a series of approved ads which we will have ready made for you. In all communication there are clear guidelines as to what can be said and what is not permitted across all forms of communication. If you have any doubt contact us beforehand. 

    Is there a minimum sales quota each month?

    How much you sell is entirely up to you, do it in your own time, with no pressure, no minimum sale is required, though I'm sure you'll want to make a difference for yourself and for others! 

    Can I use content from your site?

    Yes, you can copy text and share images from the Formula Flawless website, but you do not have permission to recreate the website in any format. 

    Beautiful NATURAL Skin

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