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The World's 1st 100% Fresh Skincare Products

It's about Skin. It's about Fresh. It's about You.

7 Top Tips for Keeping Your Skin Looking Natural, Vibrant and Fresh

The World's 1st 100% Fresh Skincare Products

It's about Skin. It's about Fresh. It's about You.

This 7-step pro-age protocol is stunning for skin of all ages.

See how to create this vibrant, natural look in our new guide. 

“Have you ever noticed how companies use ‘natural’ to convince women that their products really work?”

We are sold on “plant based”,”organic”, “newly discovered extract from the Amazon or Tibet”, “new botanical formula”. But if you look closer, it’s not what’s going on.

The actual ingredients are almost all the same old culprits - chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, additives, bulking agents, water, glycerin and anything else that lasts forever on the shelf. With just a tiny amount of ‘natural ingredients’ - too little to be effective.

It's absurd when you think about it.

But, our Founder, Rae Indigo, a yoga master and bio-chemist, realized this hypocrisy and refused to accept it.

Because no matter what new ideas they launch and how natural they sound, we only have to look at the ingredients list to realize that these products are not good for us. Why? Because the skin is the largest organ in our body, it literally ‘eats’ everything we put on it.

Rae recognized feeding the skin only 100% fresh ingredients, gave her vibrant skin, overcoming the cycles of time and she no longer needed to cover up with makeup.

No more hiding under makeup = confidence in your own skin.

Confident enough not to need to cover up with make-up ever again.

Here are 7 tips from Rae, to give you radiant, vibrant skin that’s too pretty for makeup

1. Exfoliate to stimulate cell regeneration for a fresh, clean skin

Over time, makeup, environmental pollution, dirt and oil can accumulate in your pores, making your skin look dull and slowing your skin’s natural regeneration process.

Gentle scrubs will remove dirt or pollutants without removing your natural moisture, unveiling fresh, clean skin.

Scrubs can be used frequently, depending on how coarse they are and how your skin responds.

Try the quick and simple homemade scrub recipe at the bottom of this page, that can usually be used 2-3 times a week. Alternatively try our Formula Flawless F34 Luxury, Delicate, Rose Resurfacing Face Scrub.

2. Moisturize daily with deep hydration serum

As we pass our 30’s our skin produces less oil.

But the toxins in our environment can impact us at any age as do sun rays, cleaning chemicals, our emotional state and the levels of processed foods we eat.

So the earlier we start moisturizing the better. Deeply moisturizing your face can help you replace the natural oils you may have lost and protect your skin against the toxins around you.

We suggest trying an all-natural moisturizer designed to nourish and protect your skin.

Try our F3, which Rae uses twice a day to plump, hydrate and reduce wrinkles. It literally feeds your skin with natural goodness.

3. Take time to give the foundation of your beautiful skin the stimulation it requires.

Face massage releases habitual tension. Tension slows down and often blocks the flow of essential blood cells and nutrients in the face, leaving the skin looking dull and lifeless and creating deep lines and wrinkles over time.

These can be improved and possibly even removed naturally with a specific Yogic face massage routine.

Here’s a masterclass training video where Rae shows you this exact technique.

This can be practised once or twice a week to greatly improve your skin over time.

Yoga for the Face Masterclass, by Rae Indigo

4. Protect yourself from the daily wear and tear of free-radicals all around us.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that help to stop or reduce the effect of oxidation on cells.

When an apple turns brown, that’s oxidation. This browning process is very similar to the effects of oxidation on skin, which makes the skin look dry and dull.

Antioxidants help to reduce the risk of damage caused by free radicals, calming inflammation, reducing hyper-pigmentation, helping with sun damage, firming and brightening the skin and promoting a glowing, healthy look.

Reducing inflammation also promotes a more even skin tone and helps keep acne and wrinkles at bay.

All of our products include various percentages of naturally occurring antioxidants. Formula Flawless ‘Just Fruit’ skin serum and ‘Skin Glow’ Vitamin C spray with Aloe are superstars in the battle against free radicals.

5. Shine a light on your eyes

The area around your eyes is very delicate, and the skin here has the least elasticity of anywhere in the body.

Avoid rubbing your eyes when sleepy, and pulling the skin when applying eye makeup as this will only make the skin look saggy.

To improve the condition, and repair the delicate skin around the eyes, use an eye cream that deeply nourishes and brings down puffiness, while plumping this tender area.

Our Formula Flawless F22 eye cream is the perfect solution, and you keep it in the fridge for the added soothing benefit of the cryo effect.

6. Give the skin a natural lift

The structural layer of the skin breaks down over time, certain areas start to sag and we see the shape of the face change.

To target this layer of skin, we need a specific combination of molecule sizes that penetrate deep into the foundational areas.

Most creams and serums on the market either don’t penetrate to this level, or actually sit on the service, doing little more than creating a preservative-laden barrier.

Formula Flawless F12 Skin Serum is designed specifically to penetrate deep into the structural level, and provide the right molecules to support and lift the skin.

When combined with face massage this can help rejuvenate the changes caused by gravity, and the degenerative cycle of collagen breakdown.

7. Enjoy the benefits of a good clay face mask

Face masks are like a workout for your skin. Clay face masks pull the blood up towards the skin, and draw out impurities.

Clay masks also shrink pores, and remove blackheads, caused by oil, dirt and makeup that gets lodged in your pores, which makes them become larger.

Weekly clay masks are an excellent addition to a pro-age skincare routine.

The Formula Flawless F46 Activated Charcoal Detox Mask withdraws impurities and detoxes while removing decayed and dead skin cells. Pore refining and brightening, this mask refreshes the skin to prepare for hydration.

The large porous surface of this clay charcoal mask absorbs impurities of the skin and filters or balances oil and water levels for healthier, more vibrant skin, all while minimising pore size.

After application, your skin will appear smoother, brighter and will be softer to the touch.

Is there a woman who hasn’t tried to hide her skin with make-up?

The whole idea behind Formula Flawless is to simplify life by not needing cover-up, therefore your are always confident in your own skin.

Formula Flawless is a revolution in skincare.

Whereas other companies are constantly complicating using chemicals we are simplifying back to nature.

And nature works!

We are the world’s first 100% fresh skincare company.

When people are happy within their skin, everything changes, emotionally, physically and spiritually. They raise themselves and those around them.

This matters so much to us.

Happiness appears as an inner radiance, and by making the skin healthy this inner radiance shines for all to see.

The only way of achieving this is by avoiding the use of products that contain chemicals, additives, bulking agents and preservatives!

Confidence is feeling that you never have to cover up with make-up again.

My skincare journey 

In my 20’s I suffered from extreme acne, in my 30's I suffered from age spots, dry skin, red patches and wrinkles!

I was traveling the world, teaching Yoga and tried all kinds of skincare products, including the most expensive at fancy shops in the airports but nothing worked for me.

So I went back to my bio-chemist roots and started to try and work out if I could create anything to resolve my problem.

After experimenting for a few months, I realized that the less additives, stabilizers, preservatives and bulking agents I used, the better my skin seemed to react.

Eventually, I found a way of taking everything out and using only 100% fresh ingredients and my skin was transformed.

Then my yoga pupils started commenting on how much better my skin looked and I ended up caring for a whole group of students from 25 to 75 years of age with my skincare products, and they kept asking for more.

I realized I could make a huge difference in people's lives creating fresh skincare products for them, and Formula Flawless was born.

Rae Indigo

Rae's approach to 100% fresh ingredients has improved the lives of thousands of women who now use Formula Flawless skincare every day. 

What women are saying about us...

"Despite all the products I used, which were the 'classic' ones from known brands, nothing got better - chronically dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles that were more pronounced than ever. My self esteem was on the ground. When I found Formula Flawless, the change was very noticeable and fast. My skin already had a healthier glow, and dark circles and fine lines were significantly reduced. It was love at first use! Not only do the products make me look better, but they make me feel better. I wouldn’t change them for anything.".

Face, Lips, Hand and Foot Scrub - Homemade Recipe 

Honey is a natural antioxidant and antibacterial that will moisturize the skin. Lemons are rich in AHAs and BHAs, which remove dead skin cells, clearing up and lightening the skin.  A natural antioxidant with astringent qualities - due to its high pH levels, lemon can decrease oil on the skin and reduce inflammation.
This is as effective,but gentle scrub. Enjoy!


• 1 tbsp. raw organic honey
• 1 tbsp. finely ground rolled oats
• 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
• 1 tbsp. fine brown sugar


1. In a small bowl, mix raw honey, ground oats, fresh lemon juice and fine brown sugar until well blended.
2. Leaning over the sink or in the shower, wet your face and hands, then apply the mixture to lips, face and hands, adding extra water as needed. Spend one minute gently massaging into each area.
3. Wash off with warm water followed by a cool rinse.

Apply a lip balm afterwards, and a gentle, nourishing serum on face.

Try our line of 100% natural skincare by FORMULA FLAWLESS! You’ll love it.

All Formula Flawless Products are tailor-made for those who choose nature over chemicals.

We care about making our products safe and healthy for you and our planet.

That’s why we use no extra packaging and we are already 98% plastic free. Every Product we create has No Parabens or phthalates, No Propyl Paraben, No Sulphates, No Mineral Oil, No Formaldehyde, No Fragrances, No Synthetic Fragrances, No Fillers, No Silicons, No Dyes or Synthetic Colors, No Glycol, No Propylene, No Detergent, No Petrolatum, GMO Free, No Formaldehyde, No Triclosan, No PEG Compounds, No Talc, No Salicylic Acid, No P-Phenylenediamine, No Triclosan, No Butylated Hydroxyanisole, No Oxybenzone, No Hydroquinone, No T.E.A, No D.E.A

We also never test our products on animals.

Anyone can have allergies.
If you have any discomfort or a rash develops, discontinue use and consult your physician.

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